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  • gilliankearn


    honestly i don’t write reviews often but i ran here after my order was delivered. first of all, extremely high quality panties— the fabric is pleasantly thicker than expected and doesn’t feel cheap. it’s super comfortable, and this is going to sound weird, but they don’t smell (like how fast fashion clothes smell like chemicals🤢) you can tell these adorable undies were stitched with care which IMO is impossible to find nowadays. at first i was a little iffy at the price (only cause typically this price is out of my budget) but the comfort and quality is a 100% worth it. they did take ~2mos from order to delivery so if you’re too impatient for quality go buy from shein. these are HANDMADE by a SMALL BUSINESS which means it takes time to make. 100000/10 would buy again, plus the shop owner included a sticker and sweet note!🥰

    rose undies 
  • Michaela


    i love it! it’s beautifully made, i had no problems at all. i sized up one size, but i could’ve gotten it true to my size too. but it still fits great! really nice seller, i‘m really happy with the purchase, thank you!

    Check out Michaela instagram post too <3🧸

  • Hamei


    cute!! i got a lot of compliments on this belt. nothing bad to say.. thank you!

    heart chain belt 
  • Jennifer

    Love it! Fits perfectly 🥰

    aurora undies 
  • Isabella

    So cute and worth the money!! Just order a size larger than what you would normally get

    rose undies 
  • Shari

    I’ve never had an item take like 3 months to arrive !! Got a size small and they fit me kinda loose! Still, they’re really cute and look exactly as pictured. I like them

    belle undies 
  • Alejandra

    I really Love it!!

  • Amanda

    one of the cutest accessories i own now! beautiful design and the business owner replied very quickly to my message. would recommend!

    heart chain belt 
  • deioc87

    Thank you I like it

    heart chain belt 

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